KOCF has over 30 programs on the lineup, something for everyone:

Radio Archive, Sat/Sun 12pm, Randy Painter

KOCF Music Hour, Sat/Sun 1pm, Wally Bowen

Reverb, Sat/Sun 2pm, Sean Cummins

Mother Cell RADio, Sat/Sun 4pm, Ruth Wilder

Free Formations, Sat/Sun 6pm, Chris Stillwell

Highway 62, Sat/Sun 8pm, Markis

Dr. Yeti Hour of Alien Invasion Power, Sat/Sun 10pm, Dr. Yeti

Rural War Room, Sun/Mon 12am, Syndicated

KOCF News Wraps, Mon-Fri 7am, 12pm & 4pm, Eddie Ahlgreen

Democracy Now, Mon-Fri 7:05am, Syndicated

Music Gumbo, Mon-Fri 10am, Andy Goldfinger

Swervin’ In My Lane, Mon 4pm, Allen Mullen

Celtic Music Hour, Mon 6pm, Kathryn Rose

Moccasin Tracks, Mon 7pm, Deb Reger

Hearts and Bones, Mon 8pm, Mike Meyer & Jaimari

Golden Days of Radio, Mon-Fri 10pm, Stu Burgess

Country Comfort, Tues 4pm, Ryan West

Voodoo Lounge, Tues 6pm, KOCFbot

Bob Dylan Radio Hour, Tues 7pm, KOCFbot

Island Earth, Tues 8pm, Mike Meyer

Album Archives, Tues 9pm, KOCFbot

Jazz Cafe, Wed 4pm, Stu Burgess

Funk and Soul Revue, Wed 6pm, James Larson

World Music Hour, Wed 7pm, KOCFbot

Little Feat Radio Hour, Wed 8pm, KOCFbot

Live From the Oregon Country Fair!, Wed 9pm, KOCFbot

From the Northwest Corner, Thurs 4pm, Bernard & Julia

Long Strange Trip, Thurs 6pm, Wally Bowen

Play it Again, Thurs 7pm, JD

Alternative Radio, Thurs 8pm, Syndicated

Jumpin’ in and out of the Blues, Fri 4pm, Marshall Peter

KOCF Soundsystem, Fri 6pm, Sean Cummins

Outer Rim, Fri 8pm, JAC