In the summer of 2014, 92.5 KOCF started a Capitol Campaign to raise the funds to purchase the electronic equipment needed to build a radio station.

That campaign ended when we went on the air in July of 2015.

We’d like to thank the following people for their donations and admit them to Founder’s Circle:
Carol Stangler
Michael JamesLong
Alan Cohn
Jock Jouvenat
Robert Jacobs
Darlene Colborn
Peggy Fitzgerald
David Hoffman
Jay Hennigan
Karen Stingle
Robert McCarthy
Katie Gomez
Dean Middleton
Gina Scaccia
Joseph Wood
Laura Wood
Melissa Pyle
Robert Nisbet

Contributions to 92.7 KOCF are tax deductible and your money will be used to help keep the station operating and pay for the day to day expenses.

Funds raised in the 2015 campaign were used to purchase the start-up equipment that was installed at the Lane Fire Authority Fire Station in Veneta. It put us on the air. We are grateful to the friends and neighbors who contributed to our initial Capitol Campaign.

Or mail your donation to KOCF Radio, P.O. Box 923, Veneta, OR 97487
Please make checks out to Oregon Country Fair – KOCF Radio
ALL donations are fully tax deductible as the funds will be recorded as donations to the Oregon Country Fair (a federally recognized non-profit) – but restricted to the operation of KOCF Radio.