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By partnering with KOCF 92.7 FM, your business supports not just a radio station, but a community pillar that brings local news, music, and culture to life. Underwriters like you make it possible for us to continue delivering the local radio programs our listeners love.

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The Impact of Underwriting on KOCF 92.7 FM

At KOCF 92.7 FM, our underwriting program is a cornerstone of support, enabling us to broadcast diverse, engaging, and educational content to the Fern Ridge and Eugene communities. By partnering with local businesses and organizations, we ensure that the local radio programs you love continue to thrive and remain accessible to all. Underwriters play a crucial role in sustaining our station’s mission to inform, entertain, and unite our listeners through high-quality radio programming.

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Support KOCF 92.7 FM and become a vital part of our mission to bring local radio programs to the Fern Ridge community. By becoming an underwriter, your business will gain exposure while supporting quality broadcasting.