Fern Ridge Community Calendar

Please Send your event information at least two weeks before the date of your event

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Community Calendar Guidelines

Events that will be included in the calendar:
  • Non-profit events – including music, dance, theatre, suppers, workshops, etc.
  • For-profit performing arts in the signal area, craft shows/fairs
  • Political gatherings [see “We will not include” below]
  • Art receptions [not exhibits]
  • Free films / films with educational value, non-traditional, or for encouraging community involvement in some way (e.g. social action)
  • Crafts fairs / Farmers’ markets (if it is for more than one vendor)
  • Town/City celebrations
  • Fundraiser for a family (families) in need.

Events that will not be included:

  • Events that are sent less than 2 weeks of when they are happening.
  • Worship services – any denomination/religion
  • Political gatherings for a particular candidate within a month of an election [ok when all sides are represented]
  • Art exhibits [only cover receptions/tastings on a given day
  • Sales by individuals/businesses – for-profit art sales, business ribbon cutting ceremonies
  • Personal yard sales